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 Upcoming Events at War Torn Front

7/17/2017: Hour of Devastation Sealed League Week One

7/22/2017: Standard Showdown (Hour of Devastation)

7/22/2017: PPTQ: Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan

7/24/2017: Hour of Devastation Sealed League Week Two

7/29/2017: Standard Showdown (Hour of Devastation)

7/30/2017: Pokemon Sun & Moon - Burning Shadows Pre-Release

7/30/2017: Standard Showdown (Hour of Devastation)

7/31/2017: Hour of Devastation: Sealed League Week Three

 Check the calendar for the full details of each event



Sunday - (Magic) Modern(Pokemon TCG) War Torn Battle Frontier

Monday - (Magic)(Cardfight Vanguard)(Board Games) Open Play

Tuesday (Magic) Free Commander Night

Wednesay (Weiss) Open Play, (Magic) Modern

Thursday (Magic) Pauper

Friday (Magic) FNM Standard, FNM Drafts, FNM Commander, FNM Modern, (Cardfight Vanguard) Friday Night Vanguard

Saturday Scheduled Events, (Weiss) Tournament, (Magic) Standard









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