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Sales for April

posted on 01/07/17

A new year brings us some new sales for the month. 

Here are the current sales for the Month of January!


MTG Booster Boxes: $99.99 for the following sets

Eldritch Moon

Shadows over Innistrad

Battle for Zendikar

Oath of the Gatewatch


Other MTG Products:

Eldritch Moon Fat Pack: $29.99

Nissa vs Ob Nixilus : $17.99


Board Games: 20% Off


Video Games

Games $5 and Under: Buy 2, Get 1 Free



Booster Packs:

Single Pack : $3.79

Buy 3 or More: Price per Pack goes to $3.49


Cardfight Vanguard:

G-Set 7 on Back Booster Packs: $2.19

Technical/Clan Boosters:

Price per Pack: $3.49

Buy 5 or more packs: Price per packs drops to $3.00



In Store Pickups for Prerelease Weekends

posted on 07/11/16

As many of you know, we are close to celebrating the introduction of a new set into the MTG Family.  The Prerelease weekend is always a blast and plent of players are here to show up and battle for more packs and for new cards. However, it does get quite hectic for the employees of War Torn Front. Starting this prerelease weekend, a new policy will be put into place.


All Un-paid for In Store Pickups will not be pulled until the end of the corresponding day.


This change has been made in order to provide a quality experience for all of the prerelease players and to ensure the events are run as smoothly as possible.


If you are making an Un-Paid for In Store Pickup, please be advised that the order will be ready for pickup on the next business day.


We look forward to seeing many of you this weekend Play to Win, with your friends here at War Torn Front.

In-store pickup policy change

posted on 04/17/15



In-Store Pickup Policy Change

If you are selecting "In-Store Pickup" as your shipping option, please be advised that it can take us up to 1 business day to pull your order, especially on busy tournament days.

NOTE: For all unpaid in-store pickup orders, if your order is not picked up (or paid for) within 3 DAYS, the order will be cancelled and put back into inventory.  As a result, any future "In-store Pickup" orders made in the same nature will be cancelled and not pulled unless payment is made ahead of time.

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