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Retail Sales Open

posted on 05/28/20

If you guys haven't been by lately, we are open again, but there are still restrictions.

The current mandate allows in-store retail sales again but play is still suspended (as it is still not allowed). Please practice social distancing and we recommend you wear a mask (if you have one available). With this re-opening, we will follow procedures for cleanliness and sanitation as outlined by government guidelines.

Temporary business hours will remain unchanged.
Tuesday-Friday: 2PM-6PM
Saturday-Sunday: 11AM-5PM
Monday: CLOSED

In-Store/Curbside pickup policy will follow the new procedure until further notice:
-Orders must be placed and paid in full
-24 hours processing time (this allows ample time for getting the order ready. We love you guys, but orders made at 10am will not be ready by 2pm opening.)
-Orders will be pulled according to the queue. We will not move you up the queue as that will inconvenience others.
-You will be contacted via phone/email once your order is ready. Make sure to double-check your information when placing your order.

If there is something you would like to purchase (i.e. anime collectibles, retro games, supplies, etc.), please send us an e-mail, message via facebook, or call us during business hours and we will invoice you for the products.

Thank you for your understanding.

War Torn Front Staff

Opening w/ Curbside Pickup

posted on 05/09/20

We'll be open again, but with restrictions. Current mandate allows only curbside pickup. (Sorry players. In-store events are still a no-go for the time being.) This is for the safety of yourselves and us as well. Business hours during the week will be from 2pm-6pm (as we do not have in-store events at the moment). Weekends hours will remain unchanged: 11am-5pm.

Please note that any orders placed for curbside pickup must be paid in full and will be put into processing for 24 hours before it can be picked up. This will allow ample time for the order to be processed and ready for your arrival. We love you guys, but if an order is made at 10am in the morning, it will not be ready by 2PM opening. (We get this a lot.) Unfortunately, we don't have little robots working in the night pulling orders so there is a queue that needs to be followed. We will not move you up the queue as this will inconvenience others. If you are coming from out of town, do take this into account. We will do our best to e-mail/phone you if an order is ready.

If what you need isn't on the website (i.e. anime collectibles, retro games, supplies, etc.), please send us an e-mail, message via facebook, or call us during business hours and we will invoice you so the order can be made.

Thank you for your understanding.

-War Torn Front Staff

In Store Pickups for Prerelease Weekends

posted on 07/11/16

As many of you know, the Prerelease weekend is always a blast and plenty of players show up here and battle for packs and new cards. As fun as things are, it does get quite hectic for the staff and employees of War Torn Front. During prerelease weekends, a new policy will be put into place.


All unpaid In-Store Pickup orders will not be pulled until the end of the corresponding day.


We realize this may be an inconvenience for some of you.  However, this change has been made in order to provide a quality experience for all of the prerelease players and to ensure the events are run as smoothly as possible.


If you are making an unpaid In-Store Pickup, please be advised that the order may not be be ready for pickup until at least the next business day.


We look forward to seeing many of you during pre-release.  Remeber: "Play to Win!" with your friends here at War Torn Front.

In-store pickup policy change

posted on 04/17/15



In-Store Pickup Policy Change

If you are selecting "In-Store Pickup" as your shipping option, please be advised that it can take us up to 1 business day to pull your order, especially on busy tournament days.

NOTE: For all unpaid in-store pickup orders, if your order is not picked up (or paid for) within 3 DAYS, the order will be cancelled and put back into inventory.  As a result, any future "In-store Pickup" orders made in the same nature will be cancelled and not pulled unless payment is made ahead of time.

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